The Top of Fashion

Celebration of the last day of May, the last month of the Spring semester for many, had to have been commemorated by a special spot. The Fashion Club on the rooftop of Kotva mall was opening again, and its name isn’t misleading. Hundreds of students filled the outdoor venue as the inside bar was serving delicious cocktails.

Once again, multiple DJs took care of the entertainment and made the people on the dance floor turn into waves of emotion, following the music. For those more introverted, the rooftop terrace was large enough to tuck near one of the banisters and observe the beauty of a slow Prague sunset.

It is paramount to us that the students experience various types of events and venues the city has to offer. Everybody is keen to a different aesthetic and studies in a different field, which in turn would require them to gather their social experience in different groups, charting different opportunities. 

The Fashion club is well established and offers a different sort of visiting experience to recent events. Perfect to dress up and to take photos, last night of May was surely one to be remembered. As the sun was setting, students’ arms were repeatedly thrown up on the busy dancefloor.