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Let us help you to have a great Prague experience!

Pick out a perfect flat for your needs, we will even find you cool flatmates in case you want to share.

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What we do

We are an agency of young people who know the occasional hardships studying abroad entails.

We are here to offer students coming from abroad to Prague a smooth and fun experience.


We offer a wide-range of accommodation suited for students, located in the city center, so that your university and services are never far away.

Be at home

Our services include a complete catalogue of vital information about everything Prague-related.

Find out about transportation, doctors, where to shop for essentials, where to find your university, or how to find you a nice bar to relax.


We are live and active online, even during off-seasons. The groups we set up on social media are full of people like you. Get to know your future flatmates and fellow students even before arriving to Prague.