Lighting Up Prague: Prague Signal Festival

Every October, Prague, a city filled with history and beautiful buildings, undergoes a magical transformation. Thanks to the yearly Prague Signal Festival, the city turns into a living, breathing painting of art, lights, and technology. It’s not just an art show; it’s a journey through Prague’s past, present, and future, all brought to life.

Where It All Began:

In 2013, the Signal Festival had its humble beginnings. As time passed, it quickly earned a special place in the hearts of Prague’s residents. It aimed to showcase modern art, technology, and design. Consequently, it excels at this with its captivating light displays, interactive art, and live performances.

Art and Tech Collaboration:

At the heart of the Signal Festival, we find remarkable light displays, masterpieces crafted by artists from all corners of the world. Ingeniously, they utilize Prague’s buildings and streets as their canvas. As a result, they create a breathtaking tapestry of colors. These displays range from delicate and subtle to grand and immersive, seamlessly merging with the city’s architecture to form a living work of art.

Engagement with Interactive Art and Workshops:

During the festival, you’re not just a passive observer. Instead, you can become an active participant in the show. Certain displays cordially invite your participation. Additionally, workshops and talks generously offer insights into the creative process behind the art.

Festival Delights:

A visit to the Signal Festival promises an exciting adventure. With multiple routes expertly guiding you through the city, each reveals its unique set of displays and themes. As you navigate these routes, famous landmarks are explored alongside hidden gems, adding an element of surprise to your journey.

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Date: October 12-15, 2023.