Exploring Prague Castle: A Journey through Czech History

Prague Castle, a symbol of Czech heritage and an architectural masterpiece, stands proudly atop Hradčany Hill, offering visitors a captivating glimpse into the nation’s rich history and cultural treasures.

A Journey Through History:

Prague Castle has a history that’s more than a thousand years old, making it one of the oldest castles in Europe. It used to be where Bohemian kings, emperors, and Czech presidents lived, and it’s still a big part of Czech life today. When you visit, you can see a lot of really old buildings that show the country’s history.

The Castle Neighborhood:

Inside the castle place, the Castle Neighborhood, or Hradčany, is a great part of town. Streets made of old stones have cute houses, small shops, and nice cafes. The feeling in this place is like you’re in an old story, and you’ll enjoy walking around as you go to the castle entrance.

Important Places:

When you go into the castle place, make sure to visit St. Vitus Cathedral. It’s a great example of really old Gothic buildings. Inside, they keep the Czech Crown Jewels, and the colorful glass windows look really amazing, filling the inside with colors.

The Changing of the Guard:

Don’t forget to watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the main entrance. It’s a tradition that shows the country’s history and is really fun to watch.


Prague’s efficient tram system provides easy access to Prague Castle. Tram lines 22 and 23 will take you close to the castle complex. Hop on one of these trams and get off at the “Pražský hrad” stop. From there, you can walk uphill to the castle.