Discover Prague – CAMP

CAMP is a dynamic and innovative cultural and educational institution based in Prague, dedicated to promoting and exploring the realms of architecture, urban planning, and related fields.

CAMP offers a range of activities and offerings to fulfill its mission:


CAMP hosts exhibitions that showcase architectural designs, urban development projects, historical contexts, and innovative approaches to urban planning. These exhibitions serve as a visual platform for exploration and inspiration.

Lectures and Workshops:

The institution organizes lectures and workshops featuring experts and thought leaders in architecture and urban planning. These events provide opportunities for learning, discussion, and professional development.

Public Engagement:

CAMP actively engages with the public through events, discussions, and initiatives designed to inform citizens about urban planning issues and encourage their active involvement in city development.


CAMP offers educational programs, courses, and workshops for individuals interested in architecture and urban planning, helping them gain a deeper understanding of these fields.

Important Information:

CAMP’s website provides up-to-date information about their exhibitions, events, and activities.


Address: Vyšehradská 51, Praha 2

Open Hours: Monday: closed, Tuesday—Sunday: 9.00—21.00

Free entry